Rock House Mama

I never liked the word "mama" until my oldest started calling me that when he was little.  Now they both call me "mommy," but the word "mama" sounds a little feistier, don't you think?

I am...

a new (and tired) mother to brown baby.

a mother of two crazy boy-os.

a step-mother (the unwicked kind) to a princess (the good kind).

a technology nerd teacher, turned stay at home mommy.

a wannabe triathlete and runner who was on the DA list... for 3 years. I've recently started training once again, taking care to baby my knee and foot, but finding it almost impossible to go slowly.

a wife, to an amazing husband who is teaching me to be Asian-- I have already mastered the rice cooker, and I can now officially be Asian because I can roll lumpia.

My new family is happily learning to live together in our Rock House, dubbed such by our once-youngest, Gage.

I started blogging to archive our experiences and figure out this blended family thing.  I have already found we have learned a little something (most notably me, but no one is really surprised, I'm sure).