Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cartoon Network/Nickelodeon Ban- Update

A few days ago, I officially entered dictator mode and banned all Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon watching at the Rock House. I usually don't let them watch TV all that much, but lately all they have wanted to do is watch Cartoon Network. There were already shows on those channels that have had the ban implemented, but after hearing them incessantly recite various snippets of inane humor, I decided enough was enough. I scoured our cable guide to find any other child-friendly (read actually child-friendly and parent approved, unlike some of the shows on CN and Nick) channels that they could watch during their TV time. I made a list of about 6 or 7 channels that have seemed to have met boy-approval. Again, I'm sure I'm late in the game here in deciding to take action here, but I'm deciding to be happy with my progress and not look back.

So here's our list of mom-approved, boy-tested channels:
PBS Kids
Discovery Kids
Two local PBS stations
Disney (sadly, this needs to be monitored at times-- I'm not ready for them to watch Hannah Montana, etc.)

So this morning for Saturday morning TV, they were watching Trading Spaces, Boys vs. Girls on Discovery Kids. Much better than The Misadventures of Flapjack, right? :)

Oh, and the image above is a free image courtesy of All of the images from this site are in the public domain and can be used for any purpose. I probably will share things like this from time to time-- just the instructional technology side of me.

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  1. We don't watch Nick or CN around here either. The commercials are about as obnoxious as the inane humor. Of course, mine are a touch younger than yours, and therefore easier to steer, but we watch mostly noggin and PBS Kids. I was totally psyched to find a new PBS channel: UNC PBS Kids channel. It's from UNC like channel 2 (6 on cox) and it's PBS Kids all the time. We have DirecTV, so I don't know if it's anywhere else. There are some shows on there that we've never seen. Have fun! Valerie

  2. I think channel 6 is on "the list." I agree about the commercials. They are terrible, too. I thought it would be a big fight, but they have been pretty amiable about it. I feel like it has been a small victory! :) Glad to find your blog, too!