Friday, July 09, 2010


Another fun writing assignment from a great blog, Making Things Up!  This week's assignment is about how you are feeling, and you have to answer in six words or a series of six words. So much fun-- at least for an English major!

Make me laugh, make me smile.
He shouts, he asks, he laughs:
I don't want to grow up!
Can grown-up girls lay eighteen babies?
My elbow can touch my nose!
I want birthdays but stay "wittle."

I crave more of these moments.
Chances to laugh, chances to smile.
Asian husband says I baby them.
But what's a mom to do...
When time is fleeting and flying?


  1. Savor those precious and priceless times
    while they're still little, all yours.
    No one ever ruined children by
    giving them too much Mommy love!

  2. @cj-
    I fear the day they are
    too old for mommy cuddles, hugs.
    Instead, I try to live in
    the happy moments of childhood love.

  3. We're SO allowed to slow time.
    Whenever humanly possible, in any way.
    Ok...maybe not that liberally, exactly.
    But I'm on the same page.
    Slowing things down to savor them.
    That is a beautiful, natural feeling.

  4. I want to write down everything:
    alternate pronunciations (qui-cull-ly), words (ouches/verb)
    arcane verb forms: dance-ed, ala Shakespeare.
    Plus, bottle the baby curved skin
    for when they realize I'm flawed.