Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How Kids Survive

I'm playing along with Supah Mommy today with my first Post It Note Tuesday post!

Somehow I'm curious how kids survive to adulthood when parents are involved.  And I'm simply talking about the regular, loving, but sometimes very stupid parents, like myself. One day, I will look back at all of this, get past the guilt, and laugh.  Wait.  I think I already am...  Anyways, to the boy-os--  Hopefully, when you talk about all this in therapy one day, you will remember these heartfelt apologies.

And yet Pacey seems to have a great appetite and enjoys food.  Except for carrots... I'm sure there's no connection.

Even so, Gage's hearing appears to be fine.  Except when he doesn't want to listen.

Oops. I think this is probably the most embarrassing mommy moment; however, Gage's manual dexterity doesn't seem to have suffered.  His DS playing is still up to par.

I blame the nurse who distracted me.  And it only required one band-aid, which made our location synchronistically fortunate.

Totally a result of too little sleep.  And most of the time they had a hat on anyways.  So it's all good.

I'm not sure why the empathy didn't kick in automatically here.  It was pretty funny.  And he has a hard head. (All of the carrier head-banging training apparently has paid off ...)


  1. ahhh The Joys of Motherhood! I know I am way to neurotic and feel guilty for every little thing that happens to my son! Thanks for the laugh :)


  2. I think we've all had these "oops" moments in parenthood! I've certainly had my share!

  3. I still feel guilty for everything. The fact that they are upstairs watching TV-- guilty. The fact that I gave Pacey Ramen Noodles for lunch-- guilty. It never ends!

  4. Yeah, surviving childhood may be our greatest challenge in life. Then we get to inflict all that on our own kids. Ain't life grand? I'm following you now. Thanks for joining the hop!