Thursday, May 19, 2011


You know you are pregnant when you spent all of last night dreaming about diapers. I’m obviously preoccupied with the idea of cloth diapering. Even though I’ve read tons of blogs, watched tons of You Tube videos, and researched lots and lots of options… I am still slightly stressed about how it will work in reality. I keep telling myself if my mom did this with folded cloths and diaper pins, I can certainly do it with the way things are now:

Despite the dreams from last night where we were doing cloth diapering all wrong, I am excited that we decided to give it a try. Not only is it better for the environment, it is so much less expensive. And could these things be any cuter? I am really happy about the brand and kind of cloth diapers we chose. (I say “we,” but really, I made all of these decisions. Luckily, Husband has been very agreeable and willing to give this a try.) I decided to go with Best Bottom Diapers. They are known as “all-in-two” diapers, which means that there is an outer shell and an insert. With each change, you replace the insert, but not necessarily the shell, which has leg gussets to keep the baby dry and clean.

I mean, really, how hard can it be? Other than washing every two days, it sounds fairly similar to disposable diapers. They even make this awesome adapter you attach to the plumbing parts of your toilet, so you can easily rinse the yucky inserts out right into the toilet. And supposedly, you don’t need a plumber to attach it!

I will keep updating about our cloth diapering journey after baby girl gets here. It should definitely be interesting

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