Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mommy Guilt

Ever have one of those mommy moments you wish you could just erase? From your memory and the memory of the usually cute 9 year old boy who pushed one too many buttons a little too early in the morning? The button pushing that left you behaving more like a banshee than your normally calm, level-headed self?


What a way to start a Monday morning, but it’s times like these that I am glad parents and children are created with the ability to love each other unconditionally and forgive each other easily. That by the time we left the house we were calm again and still able to give hugs and say I love yous and move forward with our day. That despite the fact that my little boy is morphing into a sarcastic, middle elementary school boy, which I am not prepared for and have no idea what to do with, I can still love everything about him. Even his button pushing.

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