Friday, May 27, 2011


I'm joining in on Six Word Fridays with Making Things Up!

This week's topic? Kept

Kept nursing, even though I cried.
Kept nursing, even though no sleep.
Kept nursing, even through the pain.
Kept nursing; you grew and grew.
Kept nursing; loved seeing your smiles.
Kept nursing; it's best. (for us)


  1. This is a beautiful tribute to yourself and your child!

  2. Oh how we love to nurse them...and we continue to in other ways as they grow.

  3. It's so beautiful to nurse them and give them all they need....

  4. Love those milky smiles! My babe just nursed to sleep in my lap. :)

    Hoping it got easier over time? Less pain and sleeplessness?

  5. It has gotten easier! She is ten weeks and nursing beautifully. And I am loving it. The best thing I have done is ignore the pressure to schedule her and just nurse her whenever she wants. I've become addicted to reading about how breastfeeding is approached in different cultures. It's amazing how our culture has forced it to be something it shouldn't. :)

  6. Nursing is a wonderful thing to be able to do. and like most of mothering it's also messy,can be painful, and is not given the credit it deserves.

  7. Good for you to persevere. Nursing isn't always easy that's for sure. But such a benefit for both mom and baby. :)