Wednesday, April 18, 2012

40 Day Goal Challenge Set 1 Recap

I'm a little late getting back to my goals, but here is where I stand after about 50ish days.


1. Blog, blog, blog! I'm thinking 3-4 times a week.
I haven't gotten to 3-4 times a week until this week. I still get in my own way with the feeling that each post has to be perfect, deep, and super wonderful. What I find, though, is that I enjoy writing about our lives regardless. And my friend at Breath of Sunshine put it perfectly: "I've decided to consider each post a rough draft. When the book editors come knocking, I'll fine tune them." Perfect! I am working on being gentle with myself and not always demanding a ridiculous level of perfection.

2. Run, run, run! 3-4 times a week. I'd like to reach a consistent 10:30 pace for 3-5 miles by the end of this set of 40 days.
This I have achieved! Long runs at the park have definitely helped my speed and endurance. I've even gotten faster than a 10:30!

3. Swim, swim, swim! I need to see the pool 1-2 times a week to be ready for Breezy Point in June.
Well Breezy Point is out of the picture because of the Zooma Half. I have gotten to the pool three times, which is about what has been feasible. It was tough getting back, but I'm feeling more comfortable in the water each time!

4. Continue Pilates workouts 2 times a week. Maybe slip in some yoga for balance?
I haven't gotten to two times a week, but I have done Pilates a few times and yoga once! I've made both a part of my training plan.

5. Do something special with the just the boys (at least a few times). Now that I'm at home, I definitely want to spend more time with just them.
Done! Whale watching was the highlight of this goal. Plus we spent time together at the beach.

6. Take Pacey running with me. He loves it, and what a great way to connect with him (and wear him out!).
Done! And as a bonus Gage came, too! We ran two miles in the sand. It was great to run with my boys!

7. Continue to resist sweets and sugar as what I'm giving up for Lent.
Done! Now that Lent is over, I've had a few pieces of Easter candy, but I'm continuing with this and staying away from sweets and sugar more than I used to.

8. Read and discuss the Gospel readings for the week's Mass with the boys before Mass each week.
Done for the one Mass the boys made it to with me. It was a weird time of the year. But now that my RCIA class is just about over, it will be easier for all of us to go to Mass together.

9. Schedule date nights with hubby. 1-2 would be awesome, unprecendented even!
Sadly this didn't happen! :( but we have a date planned for our anniversary next weekend!

10. Devise and implement a monthly plan for keeping the house clean and organized.
I've kind of experimented with the best way to do this. I quickly learned that a strict weekly schedule wasn't the best approach. I'm still working on this one!

11. Organize our homework area and figure out how to keep Rowan occupied while I'm working with the boys, so she doesn't try to eat their homework.
We have a homework area in the dining room, stocked with supplies, etc. Most days, Rowan is able to entertain herself. Most... On the data that she isn't, I need to practice maintaining patience. I think a Momfulness meditation would be a good reminder here.

12. Implement another meditation from Momfulness. Continue using the two meditations I've started with.
Done! I blogged about the watching your children play meditation. I use this one frequently!

I'm going to continue to work on some of these and come up with a few fresh ones to start in a few days.

And instead of the Lululemon racerback, I'm treating myself to a pair of running capris, which I really need now that it is warming up!

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