Friday, April 20, 2012

Four Mile Therapy

It is weeks like this that I'm glad I have gotten back to running and training. Rowan has been teething. Hubby says it looks like Chiclets are pushing through. And it does! Those front two teeth are so close. But that means I have a clingy, fussy, cranky girl.

On top of that, Pacey has been battling a very strange stomach virus all week. It keeps coming and going, and he hasn't been at school since Tuesday. Today both boys are home. It's been a crazy week.

My plan all week was to do a solo 4 mile run yesterday after Jon got home from work. My resolve wavered as the day wore on. Rowan wouldn't nap anywhere but on me, and she wouldn't let me put her down or walk more than two feet away from her. All of this means that I was still in my pajamas at 5:30 while I was cooking dinner. The dreary weather was not doing much in terms of motivation either.

But as I juggled dinner and a clingy toddler, I noticed blue sky peeking through the grey clouds. I knew a run would balance me. It would give me some quiet, some of me after a demanding week. So I got the kids fed, and as soon as Jon walked in (with flowers! Have I mentioned he's awesome?!), I passed Rowan off, changed my clothes and headed out.

Surprise flowers from Hubby :)

I was curious how my pace would be without the jogger. I hit a 9:30 mile with it earlier this week. I knew I had goal of 4 miles, so I didn't push too hard at first. Here are my stats:

Mile 1: 9:44
Mile 2: 9:58
Mile 3: 9:47
Mile 4: 10:04

Overall it was a great run. I had to catch my breath, briefly, three times, but I haven't seen times like that for a substantial distance in a long time!

I needed that run last night. It was my therapy after a long day and an even longer week. I returned home refreshed and ready to start bedtime with the kids. My mood brightened, and I didn't feel frustrated. I realized last night that running brings out the best part of me. It challenges me, humbles me, and shows me what I'm capable of achieving. It helps me to be better- a better mom, wife... A better me!

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